Middle schooler tells Oregon coach kids care about ‘Jesus, girls, and Marcus Mariota’

A kid got to ask coach Mark Helfrich a question at his press conference today. It went very well.

A student at O’Hara Catholic School, a Eugene school that goes from preschool to eighth grade, had the opportunity to ask Mark Helfrich a question after Oregon’s blowout 44-10 win over Colorado.

The question itself went kinda poorly — he asked if Helfrich knew whether Marcus Mariota would be coming back to school after this year, and although the general consensus is that he will, Helfrich isn’t allowed to speculate on that and wouldn’t say anything if he knew — but the repartee afterwards was AMAZING.

Kid: “That’s, like the talk around school. Is he staying or is he going?”

Helfrich: What *is* the talk around school? How have you broken it down? What do you think he’ll do?

Well, there’s three things that go on at O’Hara Catholic. There’s Jesus, there’s girls, and there’s Marcus Mariota.

The kid never said what the fourth thing was! Helfrich joked that this should be on a poster, and we’re waiting for it.

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